I’ve moved around two hours from Melbourne and don’t have the internet. I used the data from my phone to post this, but probably won’t be updating again until I leave here. Work is going pretty well. If you count moving here on boxing day as work as moving was quite an ordeal, especially so with a hangover, Friday will be 17 days straight of work.

I have some really good plans for this year; I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned a fair few times what I’m intending to do over the next few months. Between now and July I’ll be working with a few things thrown in to stop me from getting bored – the reason why I stayed an extra year was to get paid a better wage so I can do some serious travelling, which I’ve been looking into over the past few weeks. When I’ve researched it properly I’ll be going to Africa for a couple of weeks to see the southern part of the continent on a tour, then I’ll also know whether or not I’m going to visit England. After Southern Africa I’ll be doing the whole South East Asia backpacker thing, hopefully just with hand luggage as recently having stuff just really bloody irritates me. I’ll be taking my time with that, then I can look at New Zealand and where I can go from there. I’m not really planning on working because I don’t want to, unless I get a once in a lifetime opportunity, but may have to in New Zealand as it’ll be an expensive one.

A fair few people must be thinking that I’m going to have had enough of the lifestyle that I’ve been living soon and want to go back to the UK, settle somewhere and focus on my career or something. Sure, sometimes it may be shit but I’ve come to learn that if something goes wrong then it’ll be funny in a few weeks at the most, and I’m hoping to settle in Australia after travelling anyway. I wouldn’t really have it any other way, all I want to spend my time doing at the moment is chilling out and seeing the world, and I’m working hard now so that I can do it in a few months time.

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