Australian Open… and Work

On Monday I travelled down to Melbourne to watch the Australian Open. With me being 23 and built like an old woman I had to go and get my neck sorted out once again, so had to leave earlier than I would’ve liked. Since Mid-November I’ve worked six days a week and now I’m struggling to get out of bed at 2pm to get the 2.25 bus to work.

My ticket was for the Margaret Court Arena; the first game was the womens, Wozniacki vs Buzarnescu and second was the mens King vs Tsonga. As I was there early, I thought I’d go and find somewhere that sold Pimms, and it turns out that Pimms isn’t a thing during the tennis here. Absolutely distraught. So instead I had a beer and something to eat whilst watching one of the games on an outside screen.

Tomorrow I’m off work so I’m off to the tennis again – got a few good games including the Federer one. Since I moved here I’ve not been on a night out where I’ve written myself off so I’m really up for giving zero shits about how much money I spend tomorrow.

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