Bloody Melons

If anyone wants any idea how sick I am of melons, I dreamt that I was throwing up whole melons during the week. I also dreamt that I went back to my old job in London that I left because they treated me like shit because I didn’t want to see another melon.

Bit of a same shit/different day week. Not as much work as last week, and spent the start of the week recovering from the weekend. Monday and Tuesday I worked with Tuesday spending 3.5 hours straight of packing melons before a break – usually we spend 2.5 hours max. We were off Thursday to Saturday, with work on Sunday. I didn’t go out Saturday night so I was the only backpacker not drunk at work.

It’s about halfway through autumn and I had to go out and buy a hoodie. It’s still hotter than the English summer during the day – around 27 degrees, but at night it is FREEZING. By that I mean around 20 degrees, and during the week I was half tempted to get in the pool but I wasn’t too sure if 28 degrees would have been comfortable. I have no idea how I’m going to cope in Melbourne.

Wednesdays are backpacker nights in the cinema so the tickets are cheaper so I went out with some people from work – we saw Guardians of the Galaxy which was brilliant, then decided to see the next movie, Fast and Furious which was alright. Before anyone asks, we did actually buy tickets for both showings.

I mentioned in a previous post that we’re not allowed nice things. They took away our wifi, they took away our alcohol and now they took away our adopted/possibly kidnapped hostel cat. To add to that, an alcohol ban is in place because everyone who went out last night got absolutely twatted. Me being me, I managed to borrow a movie collection from someone at work which for sure will see me through the next couple of months here so now I have something to do in the evenings.

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