Melbourne: Week Fifteen

This week turned out as expected: heaps of work. I didn’t have Friday off, then I had it off, then got booked in for work. I had my last shift at work earlier on today which once again brought my hours up to above 60, and a payslip that I shall be quite happy with.

Besides work, I went back out again with the tour operators Hike and Seek to the Great Ocean Road. The tour once again was really well done and they provided me with a copious amount of coffee, which was well needed after the past couple of weeks. The company are really taking off which is great to see, especially as the people behind it are lovely, and when I’m back in Melbourne I’ll definitely check out their tours that they are starting.




Last night I came back to the hostel last and there were people pouring alcohol down their necks almost as though the world was about to end, and I am so glad that I’m not participating in that kind of shit. Although a box of something that vaguely resembles wine costs under $10 and the following day unable to function, I’d rather just spend the money on something that I will really appreciate.

Tomorrow will be my first day where I can wake up after 5.30 am since last Thursday so I’m going to take advantage of that and get more than six hours sleep. I’m going to go out into the CBD and buy stuff for the next leg of my trip, then Tuesday I’ll carry on planning before I leave Melbourne on Wednesday.

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