Melbourne: Week Twelve

This past week has been rough: over 60 hours worked over six days in a row. I woke up on Thursday excited for Friday evening so that I could sleep and not have to wake up until the afternoon, probably a sign that I need to reign it in a bit. I’ve still managed a few beers though, which means that the week wasn’t a huge disaster. Tonight,  I played some Cards Against Humanity with the long-termers in the hostel which was a laugh.

Next week will thankfully be a lot quieter on the work front, and have booked Monday and Sunday off, so I can actually do something semi-productive tomorrow. With only three to four weeks left in the city,  I’ve booked up to go on a 11km hike at the weekend and there are a few bits and pieces that I want to do. Tomorrow, I’m going to find a cafe, caffeinate myself up and come up with a definite plan for leaving the city and what I’m going to do in the meantime, as well as booking some flights to Tasmania and Hong Kong.

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