Melbourne: Week two

My second week in Melbourne didn’t get off to a particularly interesting start; I worked Monday,  Tuesday and Wednesday. The whole idea of working for a few months is to pay pretty much just for accommodation during my year here and cheffing pays better over here than back in England, so I have the decision over the next few months as to whether or not to do farm work to extend my visa. On one hand, farm work isn’t something I want to do, but when I go back to England I’ll just get a job,  so it makes sense just to stay wherever pays better.

On Tuesday I had an alarm set for 5.15am for work, and didn’t wake up until the alarm was proper going for it, then much to the delight of my roommates, couldn’t find the phone and then I have to swipe the screen to turn the alarm off which wasn’t having it. Later that day at work I had a bit of a bitch to someone about how my socks were constantly falling down,  only to realise in the evening that I put them on upside down. I really need to up my morning game.

Wednesday I worked during the day, then it turned out to be (free) wine and cheese night at the hostel, and those who follow this blog may have correctly guessed that I took advantage of this. Luckily I escaped a goon hangover.

For me, staying in one place for so long gives me the choice of whether or not I should do something with my day. It sounds a bit wasteful, but sometimes you need to do nothing which is what I’ve done the past few days. I did go out on Saturday night as it’s my birthday today and I had a fair bit of wine – the palm of my hand is bruised and I have no idea how that happened. I got to know a few people in the hostel over the past week, a couple of people bought me a bar of chocolate, and someone else took me out for pizza tonight. One of the reasons I like to stay in hostels is because people are so eager to be kind and to get to know one another, which I’ve experienced over the past few days.

City-wise, I’ve explored the CBD and a bit of St Kilda, but I’ve not had to much of a look at other areas. If it’s nice outside one day this week and if I’m not working,  I think I’ll be off to Brighton to have a look around the area, I’ve heard that it’s a nice corner of the city.

Over the past few days there’s been some talk of me moving to a ski resort for the end of the season, and if it actually goes ahead then I’ll be buying a ski pass and hitting the slopes a few times. I’m quite excited for it, but I feel now that I’ve settled into my hostel; it definitely is home for me over the next few months.

I’ve also booked up over Chinese New Year to go to China for a week, and I’ve decided that I’ll be splitting my time there in Hong Kong over the celebrations, then the ex-Portuguese territory, Macau for a few nights. Nothing is set in stone for the time being, but once everything has been Googled, I’ll have everything booked.

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  1. largebloke 14th August 2016 / 4:43 pm

    Ey up Sarah – just realised I don’t have you on Facebook, and wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! I guess it’s a day after there now, but it’s still your birthday here 🙂
    I hope you had a great day, and that your travels are going great!

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