Melbourne: Week Thirteen

For a change, I didn’t have work this week – I hurt my back so I wasn’t allowed to come in. I made pretty good use of my time off; I went down the park and played Frisbee, went out for a couple of drinks and was part of a team who won a pub quiz. Saturday, I went for a walk with some other long termers in the hostel around the lake outside – there was such nice weather, the kind of morning that made me realise that I’m lucky to live here.

I actually booked Tasmania up this week and spending two weeks over four places, then heading to Sydney for a week, where I think I’ll be spending New Years Eve this year too.

This week at the moment I only have one shift so I may be out doing touristy stuff. After this week I only have a week left until I leave Melbourne.

Melbourne: Week Eleven

As predicted, this week has consisted of the fun stuff: getting up at 4am for work, getting my back sorted out, and the stuff that is actually fun in a non-sarcastic manner: beer – I went for drinks a couple of nights in a row.

When I am travelling, or rather away from England, I get mistaken for being German a lot. It happened to me four times in one week before, my favourite being asking for a ticket for a national park in Croatia in English and being handed the map in German. This week, I was making my dinner and someone asked me a question – all I understood was the word professional, so then I asked them to repeat themselves and then I had to ask them to repeat themselves again… in English. Turns out they thought that I’m German.

Over the weekend, or rather my day off, I booked up with a small tour company to go on a road trip through the Great Ocean Road. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages and hopefully in a few weeks time the weather will be good for it. I also looked into Tasmania which seems to be difficult, but possible, to do without a car. I’ll enjoy it more without being confined to a multiple day group tour though I might have to book a few one day tours. There’s a distillery that produces either the world’s best whisky or one of the best near Hobart so that will definitely have to be done.

Once again, I have a six day work week, four(ish) weeks left until I’ll start spending the money that I’ve been earning, and I’m bloody excited to do that.

Melbourne: Week Ten

I’ve been in Australia for ten weeks now, and it seems as though for the past eight I’ve done nothing but work, drink, wash my work uniform and pop to Woolies, which is pretty much the same as what I used to do living in London. This weeks’ four day work week turned into a six day – definitely had one of those phone calls when I hung up the phone and thought “bollocks.” With that said, I definitely am getting itchy feet again so I’ve come up with a rough plan to keep me going until February, so I’ll be leaving Melbourne in six weeks time, and in the meantime I’m intending on doing more touristy stuff. I highly anticipate that it’ll get left until the last week though.

During the week I worked 55ish hours; if I list what I’ve done during the evenings I think it’ll give the impression that I’ve drowned myself in alcohol. I’ve either gone for drinks or stayed in watching TV with a bottle of vino. Yesterday I went to the Banksy exhibition in Fed Square which was pretty cool, its a bit weird for me to to see something so London themed so far away from where I used to live.

This week is going to be the same as this one, heaps of work over six days. I have already finished day one which was pretty rough to say the least and ended up being over 12 hours long.

I was also featured on Jenny’s blog, Explore, Adventure, Discover, during the week, check it out here

Melbourne: Week Nine

This week has been pretty much the same as the past few; I have done pretty much nothing. Friday was a public holiday so I had the day off and ended up playing football with some people from the hostel in the park outside. Yesterday I had to change rooms in the hostel so I had to pack my bag for the first time in a month or so and it’s pretty much safe to say that I have my own personal off-license in there. I worked four days and been out for drinks a couple of times, but that’s as exciting as it has been.

I also figured that I should probably get my shit together and figure out when I should start travelling again, so there should be six more weeks of work, before going to Tasmania, Sydney then up the east coast to Cairns, Hong Kong then back to Australia to do my farm work.

Melbourne: Weeks Six and Seven

I havent really done much over the past couple of weeks – I had one day off last week which turned into a duvet day and had this weekend off. Yesterday I went out in the city, and I have spent most of today vertical.

One of the things that has struck me about Australia is that it is more American than English, in terms of the language. Peppers are now called capsicums, courgettes are now a word that I’m not going to attempt to spell and aubergines are now called eggplant. I’ve also greeted someone with “how you going?” And I’m guessing that it’s not going to be too long when I describe something in a quantity of more than two as “heaps” without taking the piss.

Outside of work this week I went out for a couple of drinks with an Australian friend and I went out on Friday twice – I’d just gotten in after spending a few hours out and a really good kebab, then I got invited on a night out so I figured that I might as well.  It was a decent night, not amazing by any means. There’s one club over here that everyone in the hostel raves about that I went to for the first time. It turned out that there’s a $25 entry fee and it was shite for what I paid for.

Over the next week I have nothing planned apart from work but I’ll probably have a duvet day and try to go out for a few bevvys at some point.

Melbourne: Week Four

This week wasn’t eventful besides work; I racked up 45ish hours by Thursday night – three ten hour shifts, then a fifteen. I’m very glad that I have done this on Australian wages rather than British.

I went out a couple of nights: Wednesday wasn’t a mental one then I went out for a drink with people from work on Friday, despite it being my day off. Saturday, I watched the second film in the Hobbit series and chilled – I had been woken up at 4am by a roommate and struggled to get a decent nights sleep. I was off today, supposed to go out but the plans have been pushed to next week which I don’t mind, so instead I took the opportunity to chill – I slept for almost 13 hours and spent the day watching films.

This coming week I have work six days in a row, which I’m expecting to be a 55+ hour one and am hoping to make it to a rugby game. I doubt the posts over the next few weeks will be more exciting than this as I’m hoping to pick up a lot of hours to pay for my travels once I’ve left Melbourne.

Melbourne: Week Three

It had been a while since I’d been to a part of Melbourne that I haven’t yet been to, not that I’ve seen much of it anyway. I woke up at half 10 on Monday and started talking to one or my roommates about should I either stay in bed watching Family Guy all day or go to Brighton if the weather was nice outside – my bed was too far away from the window to see.

After a bit of reasoning, both of us got up, I made the pair of us some breakfast then we got the tram then train to Brighton Beach, where it was so warm that I didn’t need my jacket – in the middle of winter. It’s a pretty nice place to walk if you don’t mind filling your shoes up with sand. The girl I was with is hilarious and one of the people I have met on my travels who I get along best with, but left the country this week. We walked from Brighton back to the hostel, taking well over an hour. Once back at the hostel I didn’t get up to much apart from chatting to people, watching some Family Guy and making myself some chilli con carne cheesy nachos (minus the chilli because I have none). That night at around half 12 we had a snorer so I sent a Facebook message to someone across the room saying “do you play pokemon go? You’ll be able to catch a f–ing Snorlax in here” and laughed so hard at my own joke that I woke the snorer up.

Tuesday, I didn’t work and didn’t get up to much. I had a shit day on Wednesday, then during the evening I was going to go to the night market, but saw a friend in the hostel so we chatted and took advantage of the cheese and wine night, where the hostel was pretty tame.

Thursday and Friday I worked, volunteered to do overtime both days so I had a well-deserved lay-in. As I’ve been getting up for work at 5.15am recently, 8am does count as one. Saturday I caught a few hours of the Olympics, watched Deadpool and Borat, then after dinner the rugby. The hostel gets lively on Saturdays and I wasn’t in the mood for partying and drinking games; I would have much rather been in my pyjamas, in bed, watching cat videos. I’m pretty sure I’m on of the youngest in this hostel but I feel like I’m  one of the oldest.

Today, I went into the city for a bit, mainly because I shrunk some clothes in the wash,  then came back in to watch the first Hobbit movie – definitely one of the films that require a tea break or two. I haven’t got anything planned for tonight, but hopefully I’ll get a phone call in the morning asking me to work.

Melbourne: Week two

My second week in Melbourne didn’t get off to a particularly interesting start; I worked Monday,  Tuesday and Wednesday. The whole idea of working for a few months is to pay pretty much just for accommodation during my year here and cheffing pays better over here than back in England, so I have the decision over the next few months as to whether or not to do farm work to extend my visa. On one hand, farm work isn’t something I want to do, but when I go back to England I’ll just get a job,  so it makes sense just to stay wherever pays better.

On Tuesday I had an alarm set for 5.15am for work, and didn’t wake up until the alarm was proper going for it, then much to the delight of my roommates, couldn’t find the phone and then I have to swipe the screen to turn the alarm off which wasn’t having it. Later that day at work I had a bit of a bitch to someone about how my socks were constantly falling down,  only to realise in the evening that I put them on upside down. I really need to up my morning game.

Wednesday I worked during the day, then it turned out to be (free) wine and cheese night at the hostel, and those who follow this blog may have correctly guessed that I took advantage of this. Luckily I escaped a goon hangover.

For me, staying in one place for so long gives me the choice of whether or not I should do something with my day. It sounds a bit wasteful, but sometimes you need to do nothing which is what I’ve done the past few days. I did go out on Saturday night as it’s my birthday today and I had a fair bit of wine – the palm of my hand is bruised and I have no idea how that happened. I got to know a few people in the hostel over the past week, a couple of people bought me a bar of chocolate, and someone else took me out for pizza tonight. One of the reasons I like to stay in hostels is because people are so eager to be kind and to get to know one another, which I’ve experienced over the past few days.

City-wise, I’ve explored the CBD and a bit of St Kilda, but I’ve not had to much of a look at other areas. If it’s nice outside one day this week and if I’m not working,  I think I’ll be off to Brighton to have a look around the area, I’ve heard that it’s a nice corner of the city.

Over the past few days there’s been some talk of me moving to a ski resort for the end of the season, and if it actually goes ahead then I’ll be buying a ski pass and hitting the slopes a few times. I’m quite excited for it, but I feel now that I’ve settled into my hostel; it definitely is home for me over the next few months.

I’ve also booked up over Chinese New Year to go to China for a week, and I’ve decided that I’ll be splitting my time there in Hong Kong over the celebrations, then the ex-Portuguese territory, Macau for a few nights. Nothing is set in stone for the time being, but once everything has been Googled, I’ll have everything booked.

Melbourne: Week 1

After around two years of wanting to come to Australia, I arrived in Melbourne on Sunday at 5am. There was a baby on the flight so I didn’t sleep, in the end I gave up tying and watched Friends instead.

Once at the hostel, I chilled for a bit before going to explore the city. I wasn’t too sure where to go so I got off the tram at Flinders Street and walked for ages. At one point I popped back to the hostel for a nap, but someone put their dvd on without headphones in the room, so I went back out again figuring that walking around would keep me up. During the evening I went to the penguin sanctuary at St Kilda to watch the pengins emerge from their nests and go fishing which is pretty cool to see.

Monday, I met up with my friend Hannah from back home. We weren’t too sure what there was to do so we went for breakfast, then walked, then had lunch, got soaked in the rain and then went to St Kilda beach as Hannah hadn’t heard about the penguins. For dinner, we went to Brunswick area with her cousin to get some ramen which was bloody good.

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I thought it’d be a waste to have a connecting flight to Australia and not to visit an Asian city, it was a choice between here and Hong Kong, so as the title suggests, Singapore won. I was intrigued by the cultures here as it is where Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Thai and of course, Singaporean people live, amongst more cultures,  with the city being seperated into districts.


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