I had a quick stay in Florence, and I think a day and a half was the  right amount of time for the city for me as I’m not overly interested in museums and galleries. When I got here, I went straight to the market to get some lunch and ended up with pasta… again. This was probably the best meal I’ve eaten off a paper plate.

I then went into the center and saw the cathedral – it is different on the outside compared to your standard cathedral. The gallery with the David sculpture in wasn’t too far away so I went there. Most of the art on display is Jesus themed although the sculptures in there are pretty cool. Obviously, most people of there to see David which I’d recommend seeing the actual thing rather than just looking at a postcard or something. It was far less crowded than I’d anticipated.

IMG_1518 (1).JPG

After this I went for a walk – there’s a square with more sculptures in and from there went over the bridge,  got offered a lot of selfie sticks and got horrendously lost, it took at least an hour to find my way back to the hostel.




The next day I went to Plaza de Michelangelo – the views over the city are stunning. The Internet had said to prepare for a lot of walking, which I usually think is cute until I’m walking up the bloody hill. It was a bit of a trek but was worth it – I think the reason why there’s no selfie sticks being forced upon you is because of the walk. I was pretty hungry so I went to a restaurant that I’d seen people rave about on Reddit, but I wasn’t too fussed by it.

As I had a food baby, I went for a coffee then found a people watching spot. It is annoying whilst it’s warm outside that you want to keep hydrated and then it costs €1 to use the public whizz-palace when/if you find it. I had a break back at the hostel and then went for an evening walk across the river.

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