I arrived in Wrocław after a five hour bus ride from Berlin, which came to €8. After checking into the hostel at around half 6, I ordered dinner for 8 then went out exploring. As I was hungry,  I cashed a bit of money then went to a shop to get some fruit. It’s getting to the stage where I can tell what someone is trying to say without understanding a word, and I got a right bollocking from the jobsworth behind the till for not being able to pay with change.

One thing that I am absolutely spectacular at is getting horrendously lost, and this time on my way from the city center back to the hostel I did exactly that. The maps.me app rescued me, and I had an alright goulash for dinner

As I’m only here for a day, I went on a walking tour around the city, and saw the sights including a lot of cathedrals, the university (theres a small fountain outside and apparently a student got fined once for trying to kayak in it), the squares, Cathedral Island, the market and the dwarf statues laying around. I came to the city as it’s supposed to be the next big thing, and was quite surprised at how nice it is here. Also, it reached 32 degrees celsius but not unpleasantly hot, so now I’ve worsened my tan lines.

After the walking tour, I went back to the market to get some lunch and had some meat dumplings which weren’t great, then back to the Cathedral Island to the Botanical Gardens which were great to walk around, before wandering around the city for a bit. As it was so warm outside, I wanted to come back to the hostel to chill, but I got lost again so it took far longer than expected. The city isn’t difficult to navigate – I just lack sense of direction sometimes.

For dinner, I wanted something I’d know I’d like, so I had a burger, then went on a dwarf scavenger hunt – I’m not too sure how politically correct that sounds. The dwarves have been a symbol for the city for the past 11 years, I can’t remember the story as to how it started, but I think they’re pretty cool. They’re surprisingly not that easy to find – they’re on benches, pavements, fire hydrants, lampposts, pretty much anything. I’ll do a picture post in a few days about them, but I did have a couple of favourites that I can relate to pretty well:

Tomorrow, I’m off again to another Polish city. Shortly, I’ll be heading up north into Scandinavia where this trip will end. I’m having a rest stop next weekend in one of my favourite cities so I can plan the next couple of weeks before I return to England, then after I return, it’ll be a couple of weeks before I head off again for the next trip.

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