So far in 2015…

It’s fair to say that 2015 is the year I’ve decided to start travelling.


It started off last August, just before I started a new job when I booked myself a trip to New York. It’s fair to say I was far from in the best of moods, so I didn’t bother asking anyone if they wanted to join me. A few months later, I found out that I had been booked off work for a week at the end of January,so on a whim, I booked myself a trip to Berlin. A couple of weeks after that, I was talking to a friend about how we could do with a weekend away from work, and a trip to Amsterdam was booked.

Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall

My trip to Berlin was great. I got a bit/very lost on my way from the bus to the hotel (google maps came to the rescue) and from there, I explored/got lost (again) in Alexanderplatz and on the underground. The following days I spent on a walking tour through the city which was bloody freezing in January, in the Reichstag dome and just generally having a look around the city. This holiday for me really did make me feel like a proper adult for one of the first times ever, I had to learn to rely on myself as I have never studied German and when I had an ‘oh shit’ moment, I had to figure it out myself.

I established the ‘no plans for the day I land’ rule after Berlin, which was lucky as a month later, my flight to New York was

Chocolate and Hazelnut Tart, Bouchon Bakery
Chocolate and Hazelnut Tart, Bouchon Bakery

cancelled and my next one was delayed by five hours. I got thoroughly lost on the subway, didn’t quite figure it out whilst I was there either. The evenings were booked before I went apart from the one the day after I landed, which I later booked to see Chicago on Broadway. My other evenings were spent watching the Brooklyn Nets, at Margaret Cho’s comedy show and seeing the Book of Mormon on Broadway. A year or so ago, I bought Chef Thomas Keller’s ‘Bouchon’ recipe book and hadn’t had the chance to make anything from it and I stumbled across his bakery whilst I was there. I have to say it’s the best bakery I have ever eaten at. The coffee on the other hand…

A couple of weeks later, me and one of my friends went to Amsterdam. I hate to sound like a 16 year old, but we were drinking the night before, started again at 5am the next morning and continued when we got there, and that is pretty much how the weekend went. Although the city is amazing, it’s also fair to say that it’s a bit weird too. I would love to go again one day.

My plans for the rest of the year are Sweden, Norway, Scotland and if I can fit it in, I may have a cheeky trip to the Czech Republic or Denmark.

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