One Month Left Until Africa

I haven’t really done that much over the past few weeks since I last updated. My back is still a hot mess, though heaps better than what it was, which means that if I’m not working then I’m usually laying down with a hot water bottle somewhere.

Despite the shitty back, I’ve still made it out to go for dinner near enough weekly. One restaurant we couldn’t decide what to eat so went for their option called ‘The Feast.’ The restaurant is a five minute walk from the flat and I felt as though I needed to order an Uber to get home. Also spent at least $250 on gin a day in Healesville to visit the Four Pillars Gin Distillery, and had a lot of cheese in addition to the volume of wine and gin that was drank. No regrets.

Next Saturday is my last day at my job; I was going to spend a week or so longer but I just can’t be arsed. I may have a few shifts in between then and leaving the country at another job. I’m now having to be a grown up, so today I’ve repaired a balls up on a flight I booked a few months back. Tomorrow I’m off to apply for a visa to get into China, with accommodation booked in Beijing and a flight going from Shanghai to Seoul.

I was intending to travel with hand luggage like I did for five months in Europe, but this isn’t really logical. It’s not really that interesting but I have to stock up a bit better with stuff like first aid (I didn’t even take plasters on my Europe trip), I’ll be carrying Malaria tablets, insect repellent, a copious amount of suncream, now have a laptop, chargers, clothes for different weathers etc., it’s just going to make my life a lot easier to have more space.

Between now and leaving the country I was planning to go up to the Northern Territory to escape the cold for a few days but it’s upwards of £400 for a return. Was thinking about Tassie but it’s going to be cold. If my back feels up to it I may hire a car in a couple of weeks time, go to the Grampians for a day of hiking and come back the following day.

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