Feeding the World, One Watermelon at a Time

This week has been more of the same: work, the weather being ridiculously hot, having a copious amount of mosquito bites and being caked in mud.

I’m handling the work a lot better and I’m actually starting to enjoy it a little. I don’t know if I’ve legitimately gone crazy but part of me enjoys the fact that this isn’t my trained profession and have a little responsibility on the farms. I don’t have to train anyone and get a bollocking if they do a shit job, I have no idea what paperwork is involved for the farms and I get to listen to new music on spotify every day.

The first day of work this week was another barefoot farm day; at one point I felt as though I was wading through the River Thames on a 33 degree day. It got to the stage of walking through mud and being buried to just below the knee. How nobody has fallen over in that field yet is a mystery, but there have been several close calls.

Tuesday wasn’t that much fun; five of us were working and after most of us picking up some form of work-related injury, we got sent home. I was the first to be told to go and had a lift back from the farmer’s friend – I really appreciated the ride but it was pretty awkward making small talk.

I also probably have an unofficial world record for planting watermelons quickly; just under 800 in two and a half hours.

Last night there was a hostel night out, quite a few people were undecided as to whether or not to go out and it seemed in the evening that it’d be a relatively quiet night. We all got shitfaced, no one remembers what happened but today was spent recovering in the hostel pool.

I also finally got paid after being working for two weeks. It’s my first payslip since mid-November and have been half tempted to just spend it all and not care. My inner grown up/globetrotter, however, has refrained from doing so in order to go away somewhere nice and I know I’ll enjoy that a lot more.

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