Two Weeks Left in Australia

Well, two weeks after today.

It is really, really nice being unemployed again. I’d anticipated last Saturday as my final shift of the year, but have since worked two and have one more to go – just a bit of extra money which should cover my living costs until I go.

For now, I’m on track to having my shit together: everything I own doesn’t even fill up a backpack, flights are booked and seats are booked tactically so hopefully no one will sit next to me, vaccinations are sorted – three boxes of malaria tablets are more expensive than my laptop, my Japan Rail pass is somewhere in my room and I have accommodation booked up until halfway through August. With that said, I have a fair bit still to do, mainly with sorting out money and creating some kind of budget for myself; with the amount that I have saved in Australia, it would be nice to stretch this beyond Asia and be able to go to Iceland when I’m back in Europe.

A couple of weeks ago I said that I was going to go to the Grampians for some hiking, but as usual, I have another injury: this time it’s my ankle. I haven’t been pissed since April so don’t know what’s caused it, so just taking the opportunity to rest. With that said, my back is heaps better and almost back to normal.

Next time I update, I will probably be in either Melbourne Tullamarine or Perth International Airport, probably trying to sum up the past two years, and to start the next chapter in my life – travelling the world a bit further.

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