East-Coast Australia: My Final Thoughts

Today is my last day of travelling the East Coast. Whilst it has been nice not being employed, compared to Europe it has been underwhelming. Parts of it I really enjoyed (Great Barrier Reef, Magnetic Island, Noosa), parts were a bit meh (Sydney, Brisbane) and some bits went so badly that I have a good story to tell (Whitsundays aka the Alright Barrier Reef).

I think one of the parts that let me down were the hostels; in Europe there’s a lot more getting to know each other, whereas over here I feel that it’s a lot more getting to know people by competitively drinking something that vaguely resembles boxed wine, also known as goon – something that I do not do.

With all of that said, I can now plan for my travels in Australia during my second year accordingly. There will be three trips abroad this year, one of them being next week. I can have fun for the next couple of weeks, then I need to sort out my second year visa. This might include a 30+ hour travel day.

Overall, I am glad that I went with it and have completed this trip but I’m glad to be going back to Melbourne in the morning.