Taking a Break

Over the past almost three years I have kept this blog regularly updated, and will stop doing so until the end of the year.

After Jordan I went to Vienna, and then Spain, where I am now. I’ll be in the UK the week after next, off to Athens after Christmas, then somewhere a bit closer to the UK as I am flying from Heathrow to Melbourne. From Melbourne I’ll go to New Zealand where I’ll be staying for hopefully at least a year. The New Zealand visa is a bit of a tricky one for me to get due to needing medical examinations, and the time frame in which I will be able to get this done.

The past few months have been pretty full on; adapting to different cultures and being completely aware of my surroundings, over 17 countries since August, 18 if you count two minutes in a room on the North/South Korea border. It’s been a bit of a mixed bag, some parts I’ve really enjoyed – Egypt, Japan, temple hopping in Cambodia, eating in Vietnam, the Great Wall. There were parts I thought I was going to love but didn’t – being a tourist in Vietnam and noticing the downsides of countries that I do like. Also,┬ádealing with constant back pain isn’t easy, and I missed out seeing a lot of Malaysia because of this. Now I’m just trying to chill, find some coffee and read my book instead of being a tourist, and sorting myself out until I land in New Zealand.

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