Eight nights in Noosa was more than enough, but given that it was Christmas, it was a nice place to be. I had a brilliant first impression of the hostel – the person using the locker prior to me had left two boxes of tea bags in there. It’s a shame that they didn’t leave any decent (English) bacon in there too, but there is only so much that you can ask for.

My hostel was pretty far out from the main beach area. I ended up doing the coastal walk twice, as well as part of it on two occasions. I Googled the distance between the path and the hostel, so all together the long walks came to roughly 16.8km. It’s a good walk – quite a bit of willing too; I saw a few koalas as well as lizards – one was around a metre long nose to tail.

I was looking forward to having decent weather on Christmas Day – I’m never too fussed by it, but I’ve skiied on it before and it would have been quite nice to have the opposite. Instead, it rained so hostel movie marathon was in order, including two Lord of the Rings movies.


Yesterday, I went kayaking in the Everglades. I’m still not too sure what an everglade is, but I picked the right day for it – nice and sunny. It was a tour group, and with these kind of things there is at least one boat that think that they’re competing in the Olympics. Well, that was the boat I was in, team Flashpackers Hostel won gold.



I’m having a quick stop in Rainbow Beach before going to Fraser Island, I’ll upload some pictures when I leave here.


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