Two Weeks Left of Working

Last week I was hoping to get some time off work to travel to Uluru – there was no rota at work until Thursday so I didn’t know whether or not to risk it to go. Instead, I managed to pick up some shifts in Melbourne and stayed there for three nights.

Monday I did the three hour commute and got to work by 11am. I was invited out for “a drink” after work which turned into going to a rooftop bar and then finding out that the casino is in fact open all night, so I ended up working the next day on around 25 minutes sleep. I didn’t get asked if I went out the previous night, or told that I looked hungover so I’m quite impressed that I pulled it off.

After my shift and a very strong coffee on Tuesday I went to the cinema to see Jumanji which was better than I’d expected and then went to bed as I really needed to sleep. Wednesday, I worked and finished in the evening so didn’t really get the chance to do much.

On Thursday, I went to the cinema again to see Black Panther – been pretty excited to see it for a couple of months and whilst not the best Marvel film I’ve seen, was still bloody good. After, I got the train back to Geelong, where I had to wait an hour and a half for a bus as there were problems with the trains. One of the reasons I can’t wait to move on from living here is that I don’t want to rely on public transport to get around here as it’s shit.

Over the weekend I worked and have the next couple of weeks with more work than this week. My final shift is on the 4th, and I tonight I booked my flight from Melbourne to Alice Springs, a Uluru tour and a flight to Adelaide. After that I’ll be flying into Perth, Darwin and then Cairns, and depending on how I feel, a trip to Bali could be on the cards for a few days.

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