Five Months Left in Australia

Tonight after work I have at least attempted to be a grown up; it’s taken a good few hours to try to find some cheap, or in my case, not so cheap flights out of the country – and a cheap one into Asia. There’s a few things in the category of ‘things that I hope my tax return covers,’ which these flights fall into. When I went to Japan I got asked a lot why I was going because it’s supposedly expensive (it’s not), and I think going to Africa I’m going to get asked the same. I haven’t worked so much over the past year just to look at my bank balance – I’m really going to enjoy a bit of long term travel.

Not much has happened this week – bought a backpack to take away with me as my current one is too big, read a couple of books, worked and drank a lot of coffee. Just one more week to go and I’ll be unemployed, going back to Melbourne for a night and sorting a few things out. Next Tuesday I’ll start the rest of my travels through Australia, and in a few weeks I will have been to every state in this country.

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