Last year I wanted to squeeze in a trip to Prague but didn’t fit it in so it was a no brainer that I’d end up here. From Bratislava it took just over four hours on the train, I arrived early evening then went for a quick walk over Charles Bridge and to see the John Lennon wall, and back into the hostel.

On this trip I haven’t really gone to bars and clubs as I don’t want to be spending a lot of money on alcohol, but as I’m in the place where beer is cheaper than water I went on the hostels bar crawl in the evening. After drinking games in the hostel we went to a couple of places and got in at probably 4am, after a burrito.

On Monday I didn’t do that much besides walking. First, I went to a lookout tower to see over the city, then back through the old town. I wasn’t really feeling it so I chilled in the hostel instead. We had a pretty crazy night out, something like 28 people went on the bar crawl and I’m pretty sure most people in the hostel weren’t outside before midday.

After I managed to get outside I went to the astromony tower to watch the clock at midday and then went for a walk. In the old town a bunch of people from the hostel were walking through with spray cans, ready to vandalise the a John Lennon wall so I joined in. We ended up going to a beer garden overlooking the city with a  amazing view, then we had an hour long conversation about burritos so we ended up going to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. That night I stayed in to actually get a decent nights sleep.

On Wednesday I went out to have a look around the city a bit, before joining the group activity of paddle boating in the river. It was pretty cool, but I doubt anyone who saw my steering would be getting into a car with me behind the wheel any time soon. We went for a drink afterwards on a rooftop bar, had some dinner in the hostel and went out after some drinking games. We went to the other hostels Rave Cave, then moved onto a club. It was a quality night out, and got to bed around 5am.

Needless to say, Friday I really was not feeling it. I walked down to a church on the south of the city where the area gives amazing views over Prague. It looked like it would start to rain so I didn’t stick around for long before going back to the hostel, getting my lunch on the way down. I stayed in for a bit and read my book, popped out again then came back to the hostel for dinner. As I had a 7 hour train ride the next day I didn’t go out, but joined in with the drinking games and watched the Eurotrip movie with one of the girls in the hostel.

Overall, ¬†I did really like Prague – it was one if the places I was looking forward to most. I met some amazing people in the hostel which is mostly the reason I liked it so much, and I’m glad I had to wait to come as I doubt I would’ve had the same experience as I had. I have to give a shoutout to Hostel One Home, for not only making me feel at home but for being a brilliant place to stay.


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