Auckland & Back Home

This morning it became clear that I probably should just go back to the UK, and I dealt with this all before having a coffee. I’m flying back tomorrow afternoon NZ time.

Today is my first (and turns out to be only) full day in Auckland. I really wanted to make the effort to go out and enjoy it. This morning I was looking up reliable information online, and ended up just going to the British Consulate. After some advice and a coffee, I booked my flight and not really in the mood to do anything. I’d wanted to go out on one of the surrounding islands, but I think my day is better spent chilling as it’s sandwiched between two big travel days.

It’s a bit ironic how I’ve said that I’ve had to cut my trip short – it’s only been over four years long. But there is not a lot that can be done about it. I’m really glad that four years ago I decided that I was going to do more with my 20s than go to work and pay my bills.

My favourite country is definitely New Zealand, and my time spent on the African safari trip and in Egypt have been great highlights. Even the things that have gone wrong I do find amusing now, besides the pandemic.

As it stands, I could been self-quarantining only if I start to feel unwell after a week of being back in the UK, or for two weeks straight away. I’m not too sure what the government advice will be, or if I should take the stricter quarantine advice from countries like Australia and NZ. I guess I’ll find out in London. But I would appreciate any good recommendations of things to watch on Netflix should I have to lock myself away.