I opted for an overnight bus from Nice – a good €100 cheaper than the train and the bus was the same price as a night in a hostel. It was soul destroying – just over 13 and a half hours long. In one way, sitting on my arse and doing nothing for that long at one time kind of does sound like something I do on a regular basis,  but not confined to a bus seat.

At 10am, once I’d checked into the hostel I decided that I wasn’t messing around and had a big coffee to hopefully make up for the lack of sleep and a pan au choc aux almandes. I’ve had a few crossaints and things that resemble them, and this was one of the best. As I was staying near the Sacre Coeur I headed there, before going to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre. I didn’t go in any of them as I was shattered but made plans to visit them later on.

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