Another Monday, Another Trip to Melbourne

Monday was supposed to be chilled but halfway through the train ride into the city I’d realised that I forgot to bring a change of clothes with me (yes I’m being serious) so a trip to h&m was in order. Other than that, I had a few things to do and checked into the hostel. During the evening I was thinking about going to the cinema but there wasn’t a lot on. Instead, I went to the ACMI and saw a documentary in their cinema about Obama’s last year in office which was pretty interesting. There’s a few things they have coming up which look good, and will also be when I’m back in the city.

Tuesday, I started the day off being a tourist. First stop was the Queen Vic Market which wasn’t all that, then I went to the ACMI to have a look at their screens exhibition – it’s quite interesting and a good way to kill some time playing video games. Afterwards, I went to visit a friend at work then went off to see the Foo Fighters – I managed to get a really good spot in the crowd. Weezer were on first and I enjoyed their set but the Foo Fighters were awesome. Perhaps a bit too much with their guitar solos but it was up there as one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Wednesday, I slept in and went to South Melbourne Market for a late breakfast – I had planned to take a day trip to Wilsons Prom which ended up getting cancelled – the weather was shit anyway. Spent most of the day chilling then saw a friend who I did my farm work with; was great to see her again. The whole hostel got banned from drinking goon within six weeks of me being there, then we had regular alcohol bans, for which everyone put the effort in to hide the fact that we were drinking, but other than that the ban was always ignored. After I left, apparently there was a “crackdown” of people drinking goon from coloured bottles/out of mugs so the backpackers would cut the string off of a teabag, stick the string to the cup and filled it with goon so it just looked like they were drinking a lot of tea.

I worked 22.5 hours this week. The next few weeks I’m not working a lot so it’s going to be four days off and around 30 hours I think. At the moment I have enough money saved up for Asia so I’m using work to pay my rent and to go towards my days off. The next four days I have off so I was thinking of going to Torquay, one of the stops of the Great Ocean Road. You can get there by bus but I thought sod it, I’ll hire a car and do the whole bloody thing. One of my hangups with driving I think is that I’ve always been hesitant with it as there’s an instructor who knows where I’m going and not myself – as long as I don’t go too fast I’ll be fine.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be packing a bag, absolutely nothing booked bar the car hire. I think the plan is to do the Great Ocean Road tomorrow and just get back here pretty late, then the couple of days after go to the hot springs (apparently the best in the world, I’ll see how they compare to Budapest’s baths) and Phillip Island.

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