Australian Open Fourth Round (and Yes, Work Too)

On Monday I was off again so I decided to go to the tennis again – I wanted to see a big match. Sunday evening at work I kept checking my phone to see who was playing where and at what time, and once I saw it I booked my ticket. It may have been halfway through service whilst plating desserts…

My internet right now is very limited so I can’t post any pictures or Google the names of the players I saw. The first game was a womens singles which was pretty decent, then the Kerber game which was a great one to watch – it was very close at a few stages and I probably would have been swearing at the TV if I was at home. The final game was Federer – pretty sure everyone knew he was going to win and by this time it was hard to concentrate on the game having spent around four hours prior watching tennis and travelling two hours to get there. It was great to see him play though, just a shame that I couldn’t have seen Andy Murray play, though a few years ago at work I did actually walk past him.

On the way back from the tennis I tried to get the last bus from the station to get to the place I’m staying at. Missed the bus as the train was delayed so had a $60, 40 minute Uber. I’ve been waiting for something to go wrong as it’s been a while since something has – the last time being when I cut half the tip of my thumb off at work in August. Would rather have an expensive Uber over that.

Since November I’ve not had a lot of days off – one per week, or less. This week I have four days off, which I think is more than what I had in all of December. Tomorrow I’m off to Melbourne and just chilling in the city then Tuesday I’m off to see Weezer and the Foo Fighters – can’t bloody wait. Wednesday I’m going to be a tourist and go on a day tour of Wilsons Prom, then back to work on Thursday. Sunday, I’m off again so I’ll try and be a tourist around here but it’s pretty hard to do without your own transport. I think my job is finishing up at the end of next month though I’m not too sure, but I’m excited for it to quieten down and get out and about a bit more.

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