Another Week in Melbourne

For the first time in a couple of weeks it’s not been that much of a big one.

Was supposed to go out during the week, but instead I to cover a shift at work, however, I made up for it by going out last night for a wine and cheese night and turning up to work surprisingly ok on a red wine and gin hangover.

One thing that I did outside of work that was slightly productive was sort out my visa for China, so now all I need to do is go to the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne and hope they approve it. I’ve been looking at the big trip coming up in a couple of months time now – I think it’ll take six or seven months, and am looking at going to Jordan, Egypt and Turkey in addition to the twelve or so other countries.

As for the opposite of slightly productive, I watched 42 episodes of Designated Survivor on Netflix over four sittings.

For this week I don’t really have a lot planned. Maybe going for a drink or two a couple of times but have 8 shifts this week and don’t really fancy writing myself off before I know when my next day off is.

Phillip Island

On Monday I hired a car and drove to Phillip Island. I visited in my first week in Australia with a friend from back home, but it’s quite close and the weather is still pretty decent. I caught the train to Frankston instead of driving through the city as I wanted to miss rush hour traffic and there’s a lot of dickheads on the road in the city.

I’m (apparently) a grown up now

Once I’d gotten into the car, I’d already established my first world problems:

  • The WiFi in my flat is pretty bad and didn’t download the Spotify playlist properly
  • I was probably going to run out of battery on my phone, for which I was relying on the GPS, and my portable charger wasn’t fully charged
  • The indicators and windscreen wipers are controlled on the different sides of the wheel than in the UK, and I have to overthink which side they are on. This was the first time I’ve driven a car in Australia and not used the wipers instead of indicating. Go me.

An hour or so later I reached an animal sanctuary and petted some kangaroos.


Half hour after leaving the kangaroos behind, I drove to the Nobbies Center, which is a boardwalk on the coast. Really nice views.



The weather was still clearing up, but after reaching Cape Woolami the sky was blue. Bearing in mind that I work on my feet all day and had done around 15km of walking just a few days before, I opted for the shortest walk.



Next week or the week after, depending on my shifts, I’m going to go to the Mornington Peninsular for a day. At the moment I’m working not a lot of hours with two jobs, this week it’ll be around 30 hours and am expecting the same next week.

Wilsons Prom

Not really done anything that amazing this past week. Had my first day off in 15 days and think it was only one piss up.

As I’m quite conscious of the fact that I don’t have that long left in Australia, I’d quite like to explore more of the state that I have lived in for most of my time here. Wilsons Prom is a three hour drive away and I just don’t want to spend six hours driving, so again I used the tour operators Hike and Seek.

We did a couple of hikes, both with amazing views. The second one the view was just so worth walking uphill for around 40 minutes in the weather that we were lucky enough to get. The pictures don’t really do the view justice, but they’ll have to do.

This coming week I don’t have a lot of work, so tomorrow is my sort-my-shit-out day, depending on what time I wake up. Monday I’m thinking of hiring a car and going somewhere, but that is dependent on the weather and if I can find a really good playlist.





First Official Firing

I’m currently sat on 13 days of work consisting of 16 shifts in a row, very tired and a bit hungover.

Over the past week I’ve had a couple of evenings out which have been great – the first I went out to a nice restaurant with a couple of friends for dinner and cocktails. We must have eaten enough for probably six people between us three and the struggle was real getting up and walking to the station. The second night I went to a pub quiz with a group of people and came second; turns out that I’m shit at this kind of stuff in Australia because of being English.

The past weekend at work wasn’t so good and today I was just over being on my feet for so many days straight and not dealing too well on not a lot of sleep. I ended up asking if I was to serve some of the food that should not have been in the fridge which didn’t go down too well and I got told to get changed and go home. Having cleaned the deep fryer every day for a week prior, I was just happy to get a day off from cleaning it.

Over the next week I think I have a night out in the works and I’m going to see if I can do something that isn’t work.

Another Week of Work

Once again, not been that much of a big week.

I had Monday and Friday off – Monday was a recovery day, as was Friday but for different reasons. Wednesday night I received a text asking if I could work on Thursday evening so I did a 6.45-3.30pm shift, then got a train into the city and worked 4-11pm. I was slightly losing the will to live at one point, though that day alone paid for half my months rent.

After work yesterday I went out with a friend for some beers and a catch up, but other than that I have’t really been social besides my flatmates.

I was actively trying to get a weekend job, though this week I’ve had three people ask me to do some casual shifts, alongside my full-time job. This means that this week coming is very work heavy, currently sitting at 9 shifts over 7 days, most days finishing by 3pm. It’s probably going to be a really shit week, but this shit week could perhaps be paying for one of the best weeks of my life in the months to come.

Properly Moved Back to Melbourne

Yesterday I moved back into the previous place I lived in Melbourne and now I have a job. Now it’s time to try and act like an adult.

Not really done that much this week. Didn’t work that many hours and have been looking for evening jobs over the weekends – I think I may have a trial or two this week for them.

Me living in Melbourne is not quite complete without a couple of nights out drinking. I don’t think I’ll be doing it quite as much as before Christmas, just with 7am starts I really can’t get away with it. On Wednesday I met up with a couple of friends and went to the Queen Vic Market and a bar. Friday, I had some friends from Ayr in Melbourne so we hit up Chapel Street. I ended up spending most of Saturday in bed recovering/watching Netflix and yesterday I went for a few drinks round a friends house which turned into a bit of a movie marathon.

This coming week I’ll try to make it down to the museum as there’s a Viking exhibition which looks good. I have to be a grown up and sort quite a bit of stuff out after work, but may be renting a car and going around Victoria the week after.

Back in Melbourne (Again)

Last Wednesday I arrived back in Melbourne. Technically, Thursday as my flight was delayed by three hours – one of the budget airlines that crack the shits when your bag is 150g over the weight limit, but it’s fine for them to be delayed most times I fly with them.

My last day in Perth I didn’t really do a lot – I was going to go to the Pinnacle Desert but they day would’ve cost me around the $300 mark and a five-hour round drive, which I didn’t think it’d be worth it. Instead, I chilled in the Botanical Gardens.

Around five hours after going to bed I had a job interview, and was requested back on the Saturday to do a trial and got the job. I just got in from a shift and it’s nice to finish when it’s light outside, but I think I need to try and find a part time/evening job to get my hours up so I can put off having proper adult responsibilities for that bit longer.

The flat that I’m going to move into isn’t ready as the person who’s moving out has extended their stay, so I’m in a hostel for a week and a half or so. Once I have my shit together I’m going to plan out what I want to get out of living in Victoria before I leave here (including a couple of road trips) and start getting myself ready for the next continent to travel through.

Great Ocean Road

The year before last I took a tour of the Great Ocean Road. Using phrases like ‘the year before last,’ make me feel as though I’ve been in this country for bloody ages. When I was 18 I passed my driving test (first time!) and it seems such a waste to have a license and not use it. So, with four days off work I thought sod it, and hired a car.

Sunday, I took the bus to Geelong, bought some party mix and hired the car, then I drove to Torquay. The whole idea of me doing this was to get some time in a car and not so much seeing everything, so I stopped in Torquay for a bit, then a couple of other stops, and then finished at the Twelve Apostles. I was intending to also go to Apollo Bay, but I saw the car park and thought that there was no way in hell I’d ever be able to park in there. With that said, I did manage to reverse park successfully a couple of times.




The few days after I still had the car so I took it out locally – a couple of days I spent in Torquay and I went to an animal sanctuary nearby which to be honest was a bit shit. I spent a day in Torquay as I figured if I was going to lounge around all day I may as well go somewhere nice. It was a pretty nice day, though I found out that I may as well have not put sun cream on as my skin is now blistered -there wouldn’t have been much difference if I put vegetable oil on my right arm. A quick drive to Woolies to get some after sun was very much needed and a very shitty email was sent to the suncream company (response being “if you get burnt, discontinue use” – no shit!)

It looks like I’m off work until Friday or even Saturday. At the moment, I’m looking at going to Uluru but I will need to work my magic with cheap flights, and to be honest I’ve drank the best part of a bottle of wine tonight so that may have to wait until tomorrow. If not, I’m looking at going to Port Douglas and maybe Adelaide, and if that doesn’t work out I’m going to Melbourne. The week after next is my final week at work, so it may be more convenient to leave some places I’m intending to visit until I’m unemployed again, but I think I”m going to have the best month in Australia next month, making the most of not having a job as I know it’s going to be the final time I chill out, giving less shits than usual, before I find myself a job before heading to Asia.

Another Monday, Another Trip to Melbourne

Monday was supposed to be chilled but halfway through the train ride into the city I’d realised that I forgot to bring a change of clothes with me (yes I’m being serious) so a trip to h&m was in order. Other than that, I had a few things to do and checked into the hostel. During the evening I was thinking about going to the cinema but there wasn’t a lot on. Instead, I went to the ACMI and saw a documentary in their cinema about Obama’s last year in office which was pretty interesting. There’s a few things they have coming up which look good, and will also be when I’m back in the city.

Tuesday, I started the day off being a tourist. First stop was the Queen Vic Market which wasn’t all that, then I went to the ACMI to have a look at their screens exhibition – it’s quite interesting and a good way to kill some time playing video games. Afterwards, I went to visit a friend at work then went off to see the Foo Fighters – I managed to get a really good spot in the crowd. Weezer were on first and I enjoyed their set but the Foo Fighters were awesome. Perhaps a bit too much with their guitar solos but it was up there as one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Wednesday, I slept in and went to South Melbourne Market for a late breakfast – I had planned to take a day trip to Wilsons Prom which ended up getting cancelled – the weather was shit anyway. Spent most of the day chilling then saw a friend who I did my farm work with; was great to see her again. The whole hostel got banned from drinking goon within six weeks of me being there, then we had regular alcohol bans, for which everyone put the effort in to hide the fact that we were drinking, but other than that the ban was always ignored. After I left, apparently there was a “crackdown” of people drinking goon from coloured bottles/out of mugs so the backpackers would cut the string off of a teabag, stick the string to the cup and filled it with goon so it just looked like they were drinking a lot of tea.

I worked 22.5 hours this week. The next few weeks I’m not working a lot so it’s going to be four days off and around 30 hours I think. At the moment I have enough money saved up for Asia so I’m using work to pay my rent and to go towards my days off. The next four days I have off so I was thinking of going to Torquay, one of the stops of the Great Ocean Road. You can get there by bus but I thought sod it, I’ll hire a car and do the whole bloody thing. One of my hangups with driving I think is that I’ve always been hesitant with it as there’s an instructor who knows where I’m going and not myself – as long as I don’t go too fast I’ll be fine.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be packing a bag, absolutely nothing booked bar the car hire. I think the plan is to do the Great Ocean Road tomorrow and just get back here pretty late, then the couple of days after go to the hot springs (apparently the best in the world, I’ll see how they compare to Budapest’s baths) and Phillip Island.

Australian Open Fourth Round (and Yes, Work Too)

On Monday I was off again so I decided to go to the tennis again – I wanted to see a big match. Sunday evening at work I kept checking my phone to see who was playing where and at what time, and once I saw it I booked my ticket. It may have been halfway through service whilst plating desserts…

My internet right now is very limited so I can’t post any pictures or Google the names of the players I saw. The first game was a womens singles which was pretty decent, then the Kerber game which was a great one to watch – it was very close at a few stages and I probably would have been swearing at the TV if I was at home. The final game was Federer – pretty sure everyone knew he was going to win and by this time it was hard to concentrate on the game having spent around four hours prior watching tennis and travelling two hours to get there. It was great to see him play though, just a shame that I couldn’t have seen Andy Murray play, though a few years ago at work I did actually walk past him.

On the way back from the tennis I tried to get the last bus from the station to get to the place I’m staying at. Missed the bus as the train was delayed so had a $60, 40 minute Uber. I’ve been waiting for something to go wrong as it’s been a while since something has – the last time being when I cut half the tip of my thumb off at work in August. Would rather have an expensive Uber over that.

Since November I’ve not had a lot of days off – one per week, or less. This week I have four days off, which I think is more than what I had in all of December. Tomorrow I’m off to Melbourne and just chilling in the city then Tuesday I’m off to see Weezer and the Foo Fighters – can’t bloody wait. Wednesday I’m going to be a tourist and go on a day tour of Wilsons Prom, then back to work on Thursday. Sunday, I’m off again so I’ll try and be a tourist around here but it’s pretty hard to do without your own transport. I think my job is finishing up at the end of next month though I’m not too sure, but I’m excited for it to quieten down and get out and about a bit more.