Unemployed Again

Just a short post because I have a few jagerbombs in me.

As of 9pm today, I am unemployed again. In a few hours time, I have to go to Melbourne and sort my shit out in order to travel again. The last year outside of work has been fun, but I have worked solidly and my body is really feeling it. My feet have been sore since August and I worked to the point of spraining my neck from being under a lot of pressure. I’ve called Australia my home for a year and a half so I might as well enjoy the country for a bit.

Tuesday, I have a flight to Alice Springs and will be around Uluru, then I’m spending a bit of time in and around Adelaide. I have a really close friend who now lives there so I’m looking forward to a catch up. I think I’ll have a week off in Melbourne too and am excited to explore Victoria a bit more.

My previous landlord has invited me back to live where I was before. There’s not a high chance of finding a flat with the amount of time I have left on my visa so a share house will have to do for now. I also have a bit of work available in the city when I ask for it which is great, but will need to find full time employment. It means that I’ll probably have to long off going to Bali for now but when I think about my travels beyond Australia it’s not that big of a deal.

In the near future I’m looking forward to subscribing to Netflix and Uber Eats again. As much as I’m looking into the future and planning to return to England this time next year I’m determined to enjoy the time remaining in this country that I’m sure one day will be my home.

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