Melbourne: Week Fourteen (and a Half)

Last week wasn’t that eventful – I was still off work for the most part, only worked three shifts. I went out on the piss on Friday and ended up with a shift on Saturday thanks to my drunken antics, so now I have a new answer to the how easy is it to find a job in Australia question. It was actually quite an enjoyable shift. Besides work, I went for a walk down to St Kilda Beach and, as usual, been for a few drinks.

One night during the week I shared a room with the most inconsiderate people who when asked to shut up at 1/2/3am got louder and tried to make us not sleep. Me being me, I sent the reception a shitty email which was described as “sassy yet professional” by someone I showed it to. It resulted in three people getting chucked out of the hostel which was a spectacular result.

Saturday I went for a 10km hike in the Grampians National Park which was bloody good – I went with the tour operators Hike and Seek, who take you on the 6 hour round journey in their combi, as well as guiding the walk. It was so nice to get out of the city for a bit, especially on a day with perfect weather for a walk.


img_2388 img_2393

This week so far I have worked 30 hours, and might be having another 17-30 or so left depending on a few things. It’s finally my last week in Melbourne and shall be on the move again on Wednesday next week, which means that my blog posts shall become a lot more exciting. In the meantime, I’m going to actually get some sleep on Monday and get my shit together for continuing with my travels.

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