Working Hard on the Coast

My seventeen days of work in a row came to an end so I had a well-needed day in bed. It was 35 degrees outside and I had to pop to the shop; opening the front door was like opening an oven. In the city it reached 43 degrees and actually got so hot there were traffic delays on a motorway as the road itself started to melt. I got sunburnt. Again.

Work has gone really well, definitely the best team I’ve ever worked with. In a way, it’s a shame it’s a temporary job as I could really develop my career there, but I’d rather go travelling – what a first world problem. I’ve been doing the cold starters/pastry section which is really easy and the fryer section which I prefer, I just don’t like cleaning the fryers. Especially when there’s three of the bloody things.

On my day off, I booked up to go to Africa. I saw that the company I’m using are allowing people to put a deposit of $1 on a trip so I thought to put a deposit on, then I compared the prices to the UK website. The UK website was £200 cheaper, and I accidentally paid for the whole trip rather than just a deposit. Whoops. So, I’ll be leaving Australia I think four days before my visa expires, then from South Africa I think I’m just going to make my way to South East Asia and work my way up towards Europe, so I need to book a flight from Melbourne to Zimbabwe and then from South Africa to Malaysia. Don’t really want to have to leave Australia, but I’m so bloody excited to travel.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had my own room which I’m actually really bored of already. I’ve spent a lot of time in hostels and I’m seriously considering just living in one again. Since I started travelling, I’ve not really had my own space so I’m used to that anyway. I’m quite mindful that by the time I get back to Melbourne I’ll have five months left on my visa and I’d rather be paying $170/week max to live in a hostel, have a laugh and not give a shit than $220+ for my own private room and be bored after a week. The only problem being that I will have limited WiFi and won’t be able to have a Netflix binge as and when I please.

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