I arrived in Munich on Sunday – in total I stayed here for five nights, and for me it was two too many. For the past 7 or so weeks, I’ve managed to travel on Sundays as it seems that nothing is open, and after having spent afew hours in Salzburg I wasn’t too fussed about getting much done.

On Monday I looked for the Modern Art Museum and couldn’t find it, but the weather was far too nice to be spent inside anyway. I went to the market to get a bratwurst, then up to the English Garden to have a look at the surf wave. I have no idea how I managed to get so lost finding it, but once I did, it was pretty cool to watch. Not speaking from experience,   but it seems to be harder than it looks to surf on the wave. After a bit, I went into the actual park and finished reading my book, then came back into the hostel.

Tuesday, I went into the town centre just as the hour changed and there was a display in the clock tower, it was alright but am glad I didn’t go out of my way to see it. On the tourist map, it compared the Modern Art museum to the Pompideu cente in Malaga,  but for me it wasn’t as good – the one in Malaga was a bit weird, but this one was more like modern art, in terms of furniture and a floor of paintings. They did have a PlayStation 2 on display which made me feel old. I think it’s been three years since I last played on one.

I hadn’t had a very big breakfast and for lunch I ended up in one of the beer halls after the museum. I had another bratwurst with the best sauerkraut I’ve ever eaten,  and decided to wash it down with a litre of beer, which was a pretty bad move – I had to nap it off.

After a lot of sleep, on Wednesday I visited Dachau Concentration Camp – not the most uplifting place I’ve visited, but is important to understand. I hadn’t realised that these camps had been functioning before World War II, but was for more like political prisoners and such at first. It’s hard to think that not even 100 years ago that pe,ople were subject to such brutal conditions, and how many people were imprisoned and were murdered or died there.

Thursday, I visited Haus de Kunst, which was pretty good – I enjoyed the Pompideu Center exhibition the most, but there was other work there which I found to be worthwhile. After, I went to the Surfer Wave and watched, before packing my bags and moving onto Zurich.

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