I was unsure about whether or not to revisit Oslo as it isn’t very exciting, but I’ve had the best coffee I’ve ever had here before which was definitely a contributing factor. I was supposed to spend a few days in Gothenburg before coming to Norway, but couldn’t get a cheap bed.

On travel days I don’t do too much as usually I don’t know the area, so I walked around the harbor and went for a pretty good Mexican for dinner. Friday morning,  I’d seen on the Internet about a place called Ingens Gate, which I guess is the cool area of the city – there basically is a lot of street art, and a few cafes and bars around. After, I went to a coffee place called Fulgen and had an awesome coffee and waited for the weather to cheer up a bit.

During the afternoon I went to a place called Vettakollen, where there are hiking trails. Luckily, I timed it for the only two hours of the day when it wasn’t raining. I did half of one trail before it started to get a bit dangerous – there were a lot of rocks that got slippery because of the weather, and with no one around I’d be buggered if I slipped and smashed my head, so I returned and went up the easy walking path to the top of the hill.

This morning at 4am the fire alarm went off in the hostel, so I woke up pretty late. There seemed to be a weekend market in the main high street, filled with people who have no idea of how slow they are walking and/or where they are going, and I am not someone who has much patience when it comes to this. I got out of the city center and went to the sculpture park, then back to Fulgen for a coffee and to finish my book.

For dinner I went to a Mexican restaurant, my burrito was great, but cost 195 krone, somewhere around £20.  To be honest, I didn’t really need the third night in the city but it has been a chilled few days.

2 thoughts on “Oslo

  1. Neidotta 18th June 2016 / 7:47 pm

    Oslo looks rainy! I have never paid that much for burrito but fortunately it was at least great. The street art place seems worth of visit but otherwise Oslo looks kind of boring 🙂

    • Sarah 18th June 2016 / 8:05 pm

      Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe but I still nearly fell off the chair when I got the bill. There’s a lot of museums around here if that’s your thing, but after months of travelling theres only so many you can handle!

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