I was supposed to arrive in Bergen via a 6.5 hour train, but my payment didn’t go through and I ended up having to pay extra to catch a flight. I guess it was worth it as it was far more comfortable, and I have a pretty good record when it comes to flying with Norwegian. The first flight I took with them, I had row 1 seats, second they showed cat videos and this time I had the emergency exit row with an empty seat next to me.

When I arrived here, I went to grab something to eat – a reindeer hot dog – then went up to the top of Fløyen which was around an hours walk. The view from the top was stunning and I could’ve taken another trail up further, but I had more walking to be done on Monday. And my legs hurt. I came back down at around 9pm, going back to the hostel.

It turned out that I picked the right day to go up Fløyen as it has just pissed it down all day. Going up in the cable car to the top of Mount Ukriken was going to be done, but I know in this weather I wouldn’t enjoy it which is a shame, especially considering the journey to get here. Instead, I started my day at a coffee place called Blom with an incredible coffee, one of the best I’ve ever had. I then went to the fish market, where it seems to be the place to buy overpriced fish, and then through Bryggen, looking through their tourist shops. There is one shop that sells stuff made from moose leather,  and another shop where you can buy a stuffed animal, starting from approximately £150 – I think that was for a squirrel. I spent a while in the shops, stopped off for a late lunch and then came back into the hostel for a cup of tea and sit down, before going out again for a walk until I decided that the weather wasn’t worth it.

I’m glad that I came to Bergen, but a shame about the weather. I’m definitely not in a rush to return as it’s a pretty small area, but one day I’d like to see the Northern Lights and I think Norway would be a pretty good choice for that. Tomorrow, I’m travelling across the country, not by plane this time, and later in the week I’m stopping off in Ireland because I can, then I’ll be returning to England on Saturday.

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