Back in Budapest

Going back to Budapest marked my third time there; I thought that arriving from India I’d want somewhere to chill and wanted to be in Europe rather than Asia. Budapest it was. The hostel I stayed in is the best one I’ve ever stayed in, with 14 guests when it’s full.

I didn’t really do a lot – went to the Gellert Hill baths, did a street art walking tour, went to Szimpla with a couple of Australians who wanted to be in bed by midnight and not much else.


Budapest (again)

I came back to Budapest to chill for a few days. I love the city and Budapest Bubble hostel is the best place I’ve stayed and incredibly chilled out. It took a good 8 hours to get here via bus, so the first night I did nothing.

Over the few days I went on a walking tour, ate some good food and went on a couple of nights out. I’m not really much of a partier but the nights were the highlight, the first was a standard piss up and the second I had agreed to go out for dinner and ended up at a craft beer festival until 2, and then went to a ruin bar for a bit.

I’ve been half tempted to just not even try and catch my flight out of Budapest and stay here for an extra few days, but I’m pretty sure 12 nights in the city over this trip has been more than enough.


During the afternoon on Friday I arrived in Budapest after a 7 hour train ride. It dragged until someone saw me writing in a journal and showed me his. He was doing trip from Riga in Latvia to Budapest before going back home to Australia, he is 80 and seems to be doing trips like that for a very long time, and I hope that I can do the same. We compared travelling like I am doing now and from before I was born and he was interested to hear how easily I can book everything as it has not always been as easy as booking a hostel online and using Google maps to find it.

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