Dublin – the last stop (for now)

I decided to go to Dublin mainly because there were very cheap flights from Oslo. Once again, I manged to get seats in row 1 on the plane as I found out how to alter the seats on the check in machine at the airport.

Once in Dublin, I stopped off for some breakfast – I had been up since 2.30am afer having around 3 hours sleep, then walked around to find the Jameson Distillery before having a cheeky nando’s. With my stomach lined properly, I went on the tour of the distillery which was really well done. It was interesting to hear how it’s made as well as the differences between whiskeys made in Scotland and the USA – and got to compare them. What made it better was that the woman running the tour seemed to really enjoy her job. The tour ended with a whiskey, ginger ale and lime drink which was bloody good.

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