Melbourne: Week 1

After around two years of wanting to come to Australia, I arrived in Melbourne on Sunday at 5am. There was a baby on the flight so I didn’t sleep, in the end I gave up tying and watched Friends instead.

Once at the hostel, I chilled for a bit before going to explore the city. I wasn’t too sure where to go so I got off the tram at Flinders Street and walked for ages. At one point I popped back to the hostel for a nap, but someone put their dvd on without headphones in the room, so I went back out again figuring that walking around would keep me up. During the evening I went to the penguin sanctuary at St Kilda to watch the pengins emerge from their nests and go fishing which is pretty cool to see.

Monday, I met up with my friend Hannah from back home. We weren’t too sure what there was to do so we went for breakfast, then walked, then had lunch, got soaked in the rain and then went to St Kilda beach as Hannah hadn’t heard about the penguins. For dinner, we went to Brunswick area with her cousin to get some ramen which was bloody good.

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