Melbourne: Week 1

After around two years of wanting to come to Australia, I arrived in Melbourne on Sunday at 5am. There was a baby on the flight so I didn’t sleep, in the end I gave up tying and watched Friends instead.

Once at the hostel, I chilled for a bit before going to explore the city. I wasn’t too sure where to go so I got off the tram at Flinders Street and walked for ages. At one point I popped back to the hostel for a nap, but someone put their dvd on without headphones in the room, so I went back out again figuring that walking around would keep me up. During the evening I went to the penguin sanctuary at St Kilda to watch the pengins emerge from their nests and go fishing which is pretty cool to see.

Monday, I met up with my friend Hannah from back home. We weren’t too sure what there was to do so we went for breakfast, then walked, then had lunch, got soaked in the rain and then went to St Kilda beach as Hannah hadn’t heard about the penguins. For dinner, we went to Brunswick area with her cousin to get some ramen which was bloody good.

Hannah had talked me into going on a tour to Phillip Island to see some wildlife and a penguin parade. First stop was an animal sanctuary with koala bears, kangaroos, tasmanian devils, llamas and wallabees, amongst other animals. We had some selfies with the animals and then went off to a chocolate factory and the beach, thankfully not in the pissing rain, then off to watch the penguin parade which was pretty cool.

I spent Wednesday morning with Hannah, then during the afternoon I went to a last-minute job interview which I just about turned up on time to, in a hoodie, jeans and trainers, and got work with an agency. During the evening I didn’t really get up to a lot.

On Thursday I decided to go to the Brunswick area, the hipster corner of the city. ┬áThere’s several cool places to eat, drink and grab some coffee so I think I’ll be checking that out on a regular basis. I decided to have lunch out and ended up having a soft shell crab burger which was bloody good, then I stopped off for a coffee and wandered through the streets in the area. During the evening I went to the cinema to watch the Jason Bourne film which I enjoyed, I was running late and got off the tram a bit too early, but the film started as soon as I sat down so I missed all the adverts, a bit of good timing.

I started work on Friday, it’s agency work but so far it has been more or less exactly what I want. I signed a contract with a social media policy so I won’t be posting too much about it. I worked Friday and Saturday, everyone who has asked me how long I’ve been in Melbourne for is amazed when I say that I got here on Sunday and am already atempting to undo the damage on my back acount from my Europe trip.

Today started with a coffee, then I stumbled upon a band playing outside h&m on the high street so I stopped for a bit, and I need to remember to buy tickets for their show. I then caught the women’s 4x100m swimming in the Olympics on a screen in the high street before going to the MCG to watch some AFL. The game was St Kilda vs Calton, and was alright but I know no rules. It seemed like a more agressive form of rugby, and the Australians really know how to shout abuse at players on the field.

I’m not too sure what I’ll be up to this coming week, although I have a shift to work tomorrow and hopefully more shifts throughout the week. I’ve had a bit of a Google to see what’s outside the city center, although it seems like you need to drive to get around easily, so we’ll see.

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