Melbourne: Week Eleven

As predicted, this week has consisted of the fun stuff: getting up at 4am for work, getting my back sorted out, and the stuff that is actually fun in a non-sarcastic manner: beer – I went for drinks a couple of nights in a row.

When I am travelling, or rather away from England, I get mistaken for being German a lot. It happened to me four times in one week before, my favourite being asking for a ticket for a national park in Croatia in English and being handed the map in German. This week, I was making my dinner and someone asked me a question – all I understood was the word professional, so then I asked them to repeat themselves and then I had to ask them to repeat themselves again… in English. Turns out they thought that I’m German.

Over the weekend, or rather my day off, I booked up with a small tour company to go on a road trip through the Great Ocean Road. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages and hopefully in a few weeks time the weather will be good for it. I also looked into Tasmania which seems to be difficult, but possible, to do without a car. I’ll enjoy it more without being confined to a multiple day group tour though I might have to book a few one day tours. There’s a distillery that produces either the world’s best whisky or one of the best near Hobart so that will definitely have to be done.

Once again, I have a six day work week, four(ish) weeks left until I’ll start spending the money that I’ve been earning, and I’m bloody excited to do that.

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