Melbourne: Weeks Six and Seven

I havent really done much over the past couple of weeks – I had one day off last week which turned into a duvet day and had this weekend off. Yesterday I went out in the city, and I have spent most of today vertical.

One of the things that has struck me about Australia is that it is more American than English, in terms of the language. Peppers are now called capsicums, courgettes are now a word that I’m not going to attempt to spell and aubergines are now called eggplant. I’ve also greeted someone with “how you going?” And I’m guessing that it’s not going to be too long when I describe something in a quantity of more than two as “heaps” without taking the piss.

Outside of work this week I went out for a couple of drinks with an Australian friend and I went out on Friday twice – I’d just gotten in after spending a few hours out and a really good kebab, then I got invited on a night out so I figured that I might as well. ┬áIt was a decent night, not amazing by any means. There’s one club over here that everyone in the hostel raves about that I went to for the first time. It turned out that there’s a $25 entry fee and it was shite for what I paid for.

Over the next week I have nothing planned apart from work but I’ll probably have a duvet day and try to go out for a few bevvys at some point.

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