Melbourne: Week five

This week has been pretty full on with work: almost 70 hours over seven days. I’ve done 80 in five before, but after being off for most of the year it has been more difficult to do these hours than I remember. The highlight of my week has been giving myself a half-centimeter long splinter whilst putting chicken on a wooden skewer, the most genuine “f– me sideways” escaped my mouth. It was so impressive that I had someone witness me pull it out of my hand.

During the week I haven’t really done a lot, I tend to sit in chatting to people in the hostel during my evenings. Currently, I’m sharing a room with literally the craziest person I’ve ever met, to the point of asking reception what day he’s moving out so I can count down. It’s been quite frustrating to tolerate but when I have the conversations about hostel crazies it will be gold.

Tomorrow I am expecting to spend most of the day in bed, then I’m working Tuesday to Friday, ¬†with the weekend off.

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