Norway in a Nutshell

I’m not usually the type to book anything as a package as it’s usually cheaper to do it yourself and you’re not stuck with people, but this time I figured that I’d book this as part of a package as it’s easier and won’t have the all day anxiety of worrying about all the transport being on time as I’m travelling across the county. It cost quite a bit of money to do, but then again I did pay almost £20 for a burrito.

Yesterday it seems that I drank too much coffee and only got around four hours sleep. It seems like I can’t handle coffee, or anything that vaguely resembles it, as well as I did whilst working 11-13 hour long work days every day. I had a train at 8.45am to a place called Voss, and then a bus to get onto a ferry that went to Flåm, through the fjords. Once I was on the boat, it started to rain but cleared up after 20 minutes or so. It took around two and a half hours which was quite a long time to be stuck on a boat for, but the scenery was stunning.

Next, I ended up in Flåm for a couple of hours so I did the really small walking path with two backpacks on (onewoman-iswearitallfitsin-onebackpack) and had a walk around for a bit. The next part of the tour was the Flåmsbana train. There is a lot of great scenery on the route that takes around an hour.

I’m one of those people who aren’t happy unless they can moan about something sometimes, so here goes. On the journey, one side of the train had better scenery than the other (i.e. the side I was sat on (: ), so a group of people were getting up, leaning next to me in my personal space to take their pictures. It took quite a bit not to say two words to them, the second being “off” and the first, those who know me or have worked with me will know exactly what it is.

Once the train ride was over, there was a wait before getting on the five hour train ride, where I’ve typed this, but not submitted as I’ve learnt the hard way that there’s only so much data trains give you, and uploading pictures uses up quite a bit of that.

I’m in Norway for one more day, then I go to Ireland where I cannot wait to speak English to someone, besides hostel staff and guests, without asking if they speak English. It’s been five months since the last time I did that.

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