Melbourne: Week Four

This week wasn’t eventful besides work; I racked up 45ish hours by Thursday night – three ten hour shifts, then a fifteen. I’m very glad that I have done this on Australian wages rather than British.

I went out a couple of nights: Wednesday wasn’t a mental one then I went out for a drink with people from work on Friday, despite it being my day off. Saturday, I watched the second film in the Hobbit series and chilled – I had been woken up at 4am by a roommate and struggled to get a decent nights sleep. I was off today, supposed to go out but the plans have been pushed to next week which I don’t mind, so instead I took the opportunity to chill – I slept for almost 13 hours and spent the day watching films.

This coming week I have work six days in a row, which I’m expecting to be a 55+ hour one and am hoping to make it to a rugby game. I doubt the posts over the next few weeks will be more exciting than this as I’m hoping to pick up a lot of hours to pay for my travels once I’ve left Melbourne.

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