What’s next:

This time next month I shall be unemployed and somewhere in Spain, without a return ticket, and I cannot wait. I was planning to go to Australia in September this year and was thinking of going on a 2-3 week trip going from the north to the south of Italy before I go. It wasn’t too long before this turned into a Spain/Italy trip, then it got a little out of hand and now I’m intending on spending at least four months in Europe. I know that I’ll go through a lot of Spain and then fly into Italy, and despite having a route planned, I will probably end up deciding where I go the day before.

After this, I’m planning to get a Working Holiday Visa and go to Australia. I will probably have to top the bank back up before doing the Melbourne-Cairns route, luckily, as a chef I can probably/hopefully find a job easily. After this, I am thinking about a visit to New Zealand, but that’s a bit too far in the future to start plannng.

At the moment it seems as though I have a never ending list of things to do/sort out/phone up about. When I planned the Europe trip in June it seemed so far away, and now I know it won’t be long until I’m away.

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