On Monday I had a 4am start to catch a flight to Málaga. I had not been out of bed before 8 in over three months but made it to the airport.

Once I arrived and checked into the hostel, I went for a walk up the Alcazaba which had a pretty good view from the top. I also had a look through the market which is quite impressive; the food does stand out a lot more than in English markets. To end the day I visited the Picasso museum, there were more paintings in there than I had expected and was quite interesting.

View from the Alcazaba

The next day I started with a walk upthe Alcazaba and went into the castle at the top, which had a better view of Málaga. I walked around quite a bit and had my first Spanish omelette of the Spain leg of my trip and a cheeky glass of vino. I’m in the country for at least a month so there will be quite a few more. I was going to stay for longer but I started to get sunburnt (in February!) so I went back to the hostel and popped to the market again to buy dinner and some really nice olives. The evening wasn’t terribly exciting – the hostel I’m staying at has free sangria at 9pm but both nights I’ve been shattered and have had a couple of early nights.

Today I hadn’t intended to do much. I went to the Pompidou center which is a gallery focusing on artwork from the past century or so. My favourite part of it was a cabinet of dead birds with knitted jumpers and hats. I also had some churros on the way back to the hostel, I was intending to go on a detour to the wine museum but really couldn’t be bothered to walk there in the heat.


Tomorrow morning I’m heading to Ronda for a couple of days before heading (probably) to Seville.

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  1. Margaret 10th February 2016 / 10:20 pm

    Wow! you don’t waste any time! Sounds fab.x

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