Melbourne: Week Three

It had been a while since I’d been to a part of Melbourne that I haven’t yet been to, not that I’ve seen much of it anyway. I woke up at half 10 on Monday and started talking to one or my roommates about should I either stay in bed watching Family Guy all day or go to Brighton if the weather was nice outside – my bed was too far away from the window to see.

After a bit of reasoning, both of us got up, I made the pair of us some breakfast then we got the tram then train to Brighton Beach, where it was so warm that I didn’t need my jacket – in the middle of winter. It’s a pretty nice place to walk if you don’t mind filling your shoes up with sand. The girl I was with is hilarious and one of the people I have met on my travels who I get along best with, but left the country this week. We walked from Brighton back to the hostel, taking well over an hour. Once back at the hostel I didn’t get up to much apart from chatting to people, watching some Family Guy and making myself some chilli con carne cheesy nachos (minus the chilli because I have none). That night at around half 12 we had a snorer so I sent a Facebook message to someone across the room saying “do you play pokemon go? You’ll be able to catch a f–ing Snorlax in here” and laughed so hard at my own joke that I woke the snorer up.

Tuesday, I didn’t work and didn’t get up to much. I had a shit day on Wednesday, then during the evening I was going to go to the night market, but saw a friend in the hostel so we chatted and took advantage of the cheese and wine night, where the hostel was pretty tame.

Thursday and Friday I worked, volunteered to do overtime both days so I had a well-deserved lay-in. As I’ve been getting up for work at 5.15am recently, 8am does count as one. Saturday I caught a few hours of the Olympics, watched Deadpool and Borat, then after dinner the rugby. The hostel gets lively on Saturdays and I wasn’t in the mood for partying and drinking games; I would have much rather been in my pyjamas, in bed, watching cat videos. I’m pretty sure I’m on of the youngest in this hostel but I feel like I’m  one of the oldest.

Today, I went into the city for a bit, mainly because I shrunk some clothes in the wash,  then came back in to watch the first Hobbit movie – definitely one of the films that require a tea break or two. I haven’t got anything planned for tonight, but hopefully I’ll get a phone call in the morning asking me to work.

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