Melbourne: Week Ten

I’ve been in Australia for ten weeks now, and it seems as though for the past eight I’ve done nothing but work, drink, wash my work uniform and pop to Woolies, which is pretty much the same as what I used to do living in London. This weeks’ four day work week turned into a six day – definitely had one of those phone calls when I hung up the phone and thought “bollocks.” With that said, I definitely am getting itchy feet again so I’ve come up with a rough plan to keep me going until February, so I’ll be leaving Melbourne in six weeks time, and in the meantime I’m intending on doing more touristy stuff. I highly anticipate that it’ll get left until the last week though.

During the week I worked 55ish hours; if I list what I’ve done during the evenings I think it’ll give the impression that I’ve drowned myself in alcohol. I’ve either gone for drinks or stayed in watching TV with a bottle of vino. Yesterday I went to the Banksy exhibition in Fed Square which was pretty cool, its a bit weird for me to to see something so London themed so far away from where I used to live.

This week is going to be the same as this one, heaps of work over six days. I have already finished day one which was pretty rough to say the least and ended up being over 12 hours long.

I was also featured on Jenny’s blog, Explore, Adventure, Discover, during the week, check it out here


I wanted to leave Slovenia and go into Germany, but the hostels were fully booked, expensive and/or not great. Instead, I asked Dad for a suggestion for somewhere in the middle and I liked the sound of Graz. The day I arrived I went out without a map to have a look around, it was a really nice day and all the shops were shut, it seemed as though everyone threw a sickie to enjoy the weather, but apparently it was a one day festival.


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Having spent a couple of nights attempting to sleep on a train already,  I was less than optimistic about getting a decent nights sleep on my overnight journey to Vienna. It turned out that either the staff on the train gave me an exceptionally good coffee or that I did sleep pretty well. Or both. The compartment was about a third of the size of my studio flat in London which I shared with four others.

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